We don't get hired to make pretty things or win awards.
We get hired to solve business problems.
James Bradley

I work across a wide range of market sectors for a diverse group of clients - some are taking the first tentative steps of a new venture and others are established organisations looking to expand or rebrand.

They all, however, receive the same level of service and commitment from me in bringing their project to life. Whether its a business card or a web site, everything you show your clients will have an impact and my job is to ensure it has the right one.

Good graphic design will instantly draw potential clients closer and will pay for itself many times over. Bad design, however insignificant you may think, will damage your business in so many ways - its like telling your customers you just don't care.

Hiring a graphic designer should be seen as an investment. While it may seem like an unnecessary expense, particularly in these troubled times, neglecting this vital part of your business will make finding new customers and keeping your old ones that much harder.

But thats enough doom and gloom. Give me a call and we can spread a little happiness - happy designer, happy client and most importantly, happy customers...

Work in Progress
Interesting things are happening at CCS Taiko at the moment...
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